Welcome to extra-fresh

Imagine coming home, opening the door, hanging up your jacket
and inhaling the scent of a freshly cleaned home.
Now is your time to relax...

As our lives seem to get busier everyday, with more and more demands on our time, domestic duties can become a burden - yet another chore to add to the long 'to do' list. Join us today and let extra-fresh give you back your freedom and the time that you work so hard for. Then spend those precious extra hours with your family, catch up with your friends, or hit the gym for that workout that you never had time for.

All our extra-fresh cleaners are trained to the highest standards in domestic cleaning and ironing. Of course,
we all have our own preferences for how we like our home cleaned, so we will provide you with the same
cleaner, at the same time, every week. so your extra-fresh cleaner can get used to your home and your
prefered way of doing things. If you want your beds made, your laundry ironed or your dishwasher emptied,
just say the word and we'll do it, every time.

Call extra-fresh today for a friendly chat about how we can help you, and we'll pop around at your convenience
for a quick, no obligations quote. Call 01733 602966 or 07928 648998, or complete the Request Quote box
on the left.

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